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Comunicación, Turismo y Deporte en la Era de la Globalización

Noticia N°: 199
Fecha Publicación: 1/16/2003 10:31:35 AM horas
Institución: Centre for Olympic Studies and Sport Sciences Jose B Zubiaur
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Ciudad: Villa Mercedes - San Luis
País: Argentina


Bolivia 967 - 5730 Villa Mercedes - San Luis -
ARGENTINA - TE 02657-423743 - FAX 02657-430366 olyargentina@yahoo.com.ar

Date: June 13th, 14th, 15t 2003.
Place: Merlo - San Luis - ARGENTINA.

Presentation of the Symposium
The Centre for Olympic Studies and Sport Sciences "Jose B Zubiaur" in Argentina is organising the Symposium. The academic meeting aims to explore the various aspects of the relations between tourism and sport in the last twenty years.

The objectives of the Symposium:
q To developed and understanding of the sport and tourism as phenomenon of contemporary society.
q To bring together experts and researchers about this thematic area.

In order to achieve these objectives, The Symposium on TOURISM AND SPORT IN THE GLOBALIZATION ERA will be divided into four separated, nut interrelated section over two and half days:
q Tourism and sport in the economic development
q Tourism structures for the development of tourism
q Human values of Sport and Tourism
q Impact of sport events in the tourism images
q Olympic Games and Tourism

Structure of the Symposium:
Each section consist of a plenary session involving the participation of speakers of international renown drawn from the leader of the Olympic Movement, academic experts in Olympic Studies.

Anyone interested in participating in the Symposium is invited to complete the registration form enclosed in this brochure and send it to the Symposium Secretariat by 15th June 2003.
The registration fee for the Symposium is $ 70 American dollars.
A special rate of CHF of 20 American dollars will be enable to attend the Symposium sessions and to obtain the Symposium's documentation and proceedings. (For student price it will be necessary to include proof of the student status: a signed letter from the institution or a photocopy of student card).

FRIDAY 13h June SATURDAY 14th June SUNDAY 15th June
8.00 Welcome and registration
9.00 Part 1: Tourism and sport in the economic development Part 3: Human values of Sport and Tourism Conclusions and Official Closing
Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Part 1 continued Part 3 continued
12.30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.00 Part 2: Tourism structures for the development of tourism Part 4: Impact of sport events in the tourism images
Coffee break Coffee breack
Part 2 continued Part 4 continued
Communications Communications
18.00 Close of day 1 Close of day 2

The Organising Committee has negotiated a special rate for participants. In Merlo - San Luis - ARGENTINA there are hotel since 20 American dollars for night.
E-mail: alemmatias@merlo-sl.com.ar

Call for papers:
Research and representatives of institutions involved in the organisation of the Olympic Movement, Olympic Games, Olympism, and Ethical of sport and physical education are invited to contributed to the Symposium by making oral presentation (15 minutes). Anyone interest is invited to follow the instructions given in the Call for Papers form enclosed, and to submit a proposal by 15th March 2003. to olyargentina@yahoo.com.ar
Request the organising Committee will examine and authors will be informed of the Committee's decision by e-mail or post, by 30th March2003.
Authors whose contributions have been accepted must send their complete text to Symposium Secretariat by 10th May2002.
The abstracts must be written in Spanish or English and should not exceed 300 words. The paper must be written using PC version MICROSOFT WORD or written in block capitals in the box below. Please write the top in capital letter. Following the title, write the name of the author and co-authors and the eventual institution represented. If using a word processor, please use Times New roman 12 font. Do not underline or use abbreviations. The abstract must send to SERGIO RICARDO QUIROGA MACLEIMONT - olyargentina@yahoo.com.ar

Symposium languages: The official language of the Symposium will be Spanish and English. All documents and papers must be written in Spanish or English.

Important dates to remember
15th March 2003. Deadline for abstract submission
30th March2003. Deadline for the Organising Committee to inform about the abstract accepted
10th June 2003 Deadline for accommodation
10th May2002. Deadline to send the communication's completed text.
1st June 2003. Deadline for registration

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